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                                                Driving Holidays in France

Driving in France and parking your vehicle at best hotels and guest houses can be an amazing practice you or your loved ones will never forget.

Traveling by motor or car home today can be a best way of getting into the heart of the French countryside and enjoying some of the real traditional France whilst on your driving holiday.

But when you are driving through French territory there are few things you need to be keep in mind.

The legal age to drive in France region is 18 years and even if you have legal driving licence from another nation and you are under that age, then you are still not permitted to drive in France?

Every passenger must use seatbelt and it is illegal for a child under the age of ten to be in the car front seat.

Stop at zebra crossing, which is imposed by law and when driving via a town you will find a lot of them, but you should be alert when you are the walker, as the French people do not seem to follow this rule as much as they should!

The speedways are one hundred and thirty km/per hour, but this is decreased in un-pleasant weather fall to one hundred and ten km/per hour and on main roads and duel carriageways the same laws imply where the speed restriction is decreased in un-pleasant weather. Major roads are nineteen km/per hour and duel carriageway is one hundred and ten km per hour.

The French administration do publish detail on accurately where speed traps are placed this is one of the factors why it is banned to have radar detector fitted to your car. In un-pleasant weather, fog etc, even during the day, must use your lights.

Driving in France Check List and Legal Requirements

France is the number one holiday destination in the globe for traveler and each year more than 15 million. UK nations visit France, many of them taking their vehicles so the following advice is a godsend. From holidays to Ski holiday in the French Alps, Cote D Azur, Pyrenees, or Disneyland Resort Paris, France seems to push all perfect buttons for holiday lovers. Anyway, there are definitely some considerations when it comes to legal needs when driving in France.

Driver’s checklist:

  • Proof of identification
  • Legal driving licence
  • Registration certificate (Proof of ownership)
  • Documents of insurance (third part or above)

If you do not own the car you are driving, you are suggested to get written permission from the registered owner.