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We aim to offer some help and guidance to you if you are looking to drive in Europe, whether in your own vehicle or a hire car.

We will give some pointers on the more serious legal road legislation requirements you have to abide by and also some more fun items such as suggested routes and things to see and do while you are there.

 Information about France

As most European driving starts when you exit the tunnel or disembark the ferry in France we have a full section on France as well as information on the other main Euro countries that Brits like to visit most. Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal.

We have car hire tips and a full round up of information for you if you are planning to drive your own car.

Breakdown Cover Driving In Europe

When driving on the continent it is very likely that if you get stopped by the police or you are involved in a breakdown or accident that you will be asked to show documentation for you and your vehicle.

Therefore make sure you remember to take your V5 vehicle registration document (log book), your insurance documents, both parts of your driving licence and of course your passport.

One more thing you might want to get is an “International Driving Permit”. The main Euro countries like France, Germany or Spain don’t require one but some countries, for example the Czech Republic do insist that you carry one. You can get one of these from your local Post Office.

Safety Regulations

Most countries now require you to carry a “Hi Visibility” jacket or vest in the vehicle and some countries insist on one for each person in the car. France and Spanish police are very hot on this. In some countries like Portugal and Norway they are only compulsory for people who live there but if you are driving through France to get there you will need one anyway.

A warning triangle is required by law for virtually every European country (except the UK) and you will also need to make sure your headlights don’t dazzle oncoming road users. “Headlamp Converters” are very cheap and easy to fit and we would recommend that you try as they have been supplying them online for years and are far cheaper than buying them from a shop or worse still on the ferry.

First Aid kits are not part of the driving reulations for most European countries but there is certainly no harm in taking one as it may come in handy.

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